Red led blinking after sreceiving sms but no answer

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Red led blinking after sreceiving sms but no answer

Postby mattlab » 19 Mar 2018, 19:32

Hello everybody,

I have the EM8610 set up and running ok, recently I installed the app iOS but I discover that the sms are sent to the EM8610 but no answer are given back and the status led starts blinking red for some seconds.
No sms back to the app so no feedback, how can I fix it? What can I do or have I done wrong?

Thank you, Michele
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Re: Red led blinking after sreceiving sms but no answer

Postby Joyce » 20 Mar 2018, 12:18

Dear mattlab,

You mention you recently installed the EM8610 APP on iOS. Does this mean you have a new phone and installed the APP on a new phone or did you simply re-install the APP?
If this is a new Phone do you also perhaps received a new phone number?

Please check the following Arm the alarm by remote. After it is armed please use the APP to disarm the alarm panel and check if the command is received and if the EM8610 is in disarm mode or still running in Arm mode. If the alarm panel is still in Arm mode please send a text message to the alarm panel with the command "0" as text and check again if the alarm panel is armed or disarmed.

If you are able to disarm the system by SMS and not with the APP than please check the Phone number set in the APP for the alarm panel (probably a type error)
If in both cases APP and SMS the alarm panel does not switch to disarm the panel does not have your phone number configured as authorized.

Please use an other phone which works fine on the EM8610 (authorized) and configure the SMS authorized phone numbers using the APP or SMS command and add the phone number of the iOS device.

If no other phone is at hand you will need to restore the EM8610 to factory defaults and reconfigure the EM8610 from the beginning.
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