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empty battery sign

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2019, 16:40
by popol
Hallo, I have installed the system 2 years ago and since a few months I have a repeated "false" alarm and the problem is solved by replacing the batteries of the PIR. I already had it on 4 of my detectors. I never get a battery empty notification by SMS. I installed the same system in the houses of my children and they get the battery empty notification as described in the manual. I never received such a message. Do I have something wrong in the system or can I do something in the app to solve the problem? It is not a big issue but annoying when on a holiday.
Kind regards,

Re: empty battery sign

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2019, 12:41
by Joyce
Hello Paul,

Make sure your phone number is on top of the list in the e-Alarm App. Phone number on top of the list is by default the administrator and should receive those kinds of messages.

Also verify to have entered a correct phone number format, for instance:

Correct: 00316775......

Wrong: 003106775......

Also make sure you have activated the phone and envelope icon next to the phone number in the App.

What happens when you sms 00 (2 times zero) to the alarm system? You should get some information back from the system e.g. whether the system is armed or not, amongst others.

Kind Regards,


Re: empty battery sign

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2019, 17:59
by popol
Thanks for the quick reaction.

All items you mention are OK, my phone is on top, both tel and envelope icon are activated.
I receive all messages correctly, sending 00 gives normal feedback with mention of armed status, delay time for the different zones, siren volume, ringing time siren and code. The PIR is a EM-8650 (normally supporting two way communication).

The problem seems different from previous false alarms though; I changed the batteries yesterday after sending you my quote and an hour ago I had a false alarm on the same PIR (EM-8650, normally two way communication). With previous problems I did not have false alarm on the same PIR after changing the batteries. So my batteries may not have been empty at all.
When I open the sensor I get as expected a sabotage message by SMS and after changing the batteries a red LED called L01 inside the sensor is blinking for some time, I suppose this is normal.

Do you think deconnecting and re-registering the sensors would be of any help (I know that I can not sign out only one detector). Or do I need a reset bringing the system back to factory settings. Or do I just replace the EM8650 by a new one?

kind regards,

Re: empty battery sign

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2019, 09:29
by Joyce
Dear popol,

A reset wil not fix this issue you say all 4 PIR do not report Low battery warning? Could you please advice the IIC code of all 4 PIR sensors and also of the EM8610 you can find them on the bottom label of the device.

Re: empty battery sign

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2019, 14:47
by popol

The ICC codes of the control panel and all of the EM8650's are all 09050.001-101358.

I changed all the batteries today, also those of the magnetic contacts. Let’s see how long they last.
I think the first problems occurred in April 2019 and the set was installed in December 2017.

I have no proof that the system doesn't mention the low battery status, however after each false alarm (repeatedly for each sensor) the problem was solved by renewing the batteries. On one occasion the same happened in the setup in my daughter's house (repeatedly false alarm in a 8650 solved by replacing the batteries); on the other hand she receives a low battery message by SMS.

Have a nice day,