[Firmware-EM7080/EM7180] Release: NewGui

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Re: [Firmware-EM7080/EM7180] Release: NewGui

Postby cubester » 15 Jan 2013, 01:12

So, are we ever going to see a new firmware version for the 7080? I'm on this NewGui version, and it's really a serious step down in performance compared to the old firmware version.
So if we won't get another update, I'm just gonna go ahead and flash the old firmware back.
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Re: [Firmware-EM7080/EM7180] Release: NewGui

Postby Rokil » 02 May 2013, 13:17

Recently i updated to the new firmware. The looks are better, but i really hate the way all my movies are displayed.
In my previous firmware i could choose the folders, but now they are displayed all at once. I know i can set folderdisplay on the menu, but everytime i go out of the movie chapter, it's all back again.
I hope this will be changed in the next firmware update. When will it be released?
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Re: [Firmware-EM7080/EM7180] Release: NewGui

Postby Ge Someone » 03 Jul 2013, 21:30

I narrowed down the problem of the incorrect playing of certain FLAC files on the NewGUI firmware. The firmware doesn't support block lengths of 512. The other FLAC block lengths 1024, 2048 and 4096 are correctly supported.
Although it is very pity-full that this error is still not resolved, this information can help you when you encounter this problem. Convert the file to an other block length (like the default 4096) to be able to play it on the EM7080/7180 NewGUI.
Ge Someone
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Re: [Firmware-EM7080/EM7180] Release: NewGui

Postby Abelson » 18 Oct 2018, 09:02

GunSlayer wrote:
Skem wrote:I was very happy to download this new GUI since the old one was...well...basic. And reading that the speed was improved was also exciting!

But as a matter of fact, this new GUI is just way worse than the old one!

1) the displayed text length for file name : that was the first improvement I would have expected from a new GUI. It's was quite a pain in the *** to wait few seconds that the filename scrolls until we can see if it is the right episode of a serie that we selected. Now it's even worse! the text length is even smaller and the scroll speed slower! WTF?!! Seriously guys....

2) I've read many comments about the improved speed. But when trying it out, It's just as slow as before. Maybe even slower, especially when pressing the arrows on the remote control and waiting for a short but still existing moment before the selection moves accordinhly on screen.

So yeah, sure, there are nicer colors now...but the GUI is just a pain to use now.

...Is there anywa to get the old one back, but still keeping all the other firmware improvements?

Not possible to switch back to the old firmware GUI while keeping the improvements of the new GUI. The improvements are embedded in the new SDK, which can only be used with the new GUI.

If not satisfied with this firmware, you can re-install the old firmware: http://downloads.eminent-online.com/EM7 ... .0.6.1.zip

Thanks for the link.
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