Moved: Changing background of the main menu

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Re: Moved: Changing background of the main menu

Postby Alex » 15 Oct 2010, 11:01

Nice that you guys cleared that up :)

The reason this system is chosen, is probably because of some high-experienced staff inside Realtek.

From Wikipedia "FELICS, which stands for Fast Efficient & Lossless Image Compression System, is a lossless image compression algorithm that performs 5-times faster than the original lossless JPEG codec and achieves a similar compression ratio."

This is an OLD way of compression and rather something i would see in older technology like a Super Nintendo rom, or Arcade game machine system from that era. It is highly effective though, and i can understand why speed was chosen over the 5-times slower JPEG performance. It also seems there is no patent filed on it, and no royalties required. Perhaps that was also a reason to choose it :)
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Re: Moved: Changing background of the main menu

Postby magicse » 25 May 2015, 09:32

EaS wrote:Soon already I found the Ellion HMR 351H sources. Those sources make clear that "something" is possible concerning the GUI, but that this all has to be done by the supplier (before compiling, i.e. GBrowserMenuGUI.h -> #define L1_BTN_H 65 etc. etc.). I.o.w. it is possible, but will take a lot of work.

Im looking for Ellion HMR 351H sources.
Could you help me with it?
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