EM6250HD, alert when sound detected?

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EM6250HD, alert when sound detected?

Postby lukvdh » 14 Dec 2015, 01:52

On the eminent-online.com website, in the description of the EM6250HD, it says (in Dutch):

"Meer dan alleen een beveiligingscamera
De EM6250HD Easy Pro View HD IP Camera is meer dan alleen een bewakingscamera. Omdat de EM6250HD een melding geeft bij het waarnemen van geluid, is hij ook als babyfoon inzetbaar."

In English:
"More than a surveillance camera
The EM6250HD Easy Pro View HD IP Camera is not only a surveillance camera. The camera gives a notification when it is triggered by a sound. So you can use it as a baby monitor too. "

How/where can one set this ? I can not find any setting for "alert when sound is detected".
I think the description is not correct (and misleading).

I wanted to use this because last week we had a break-in attempt. They made a load of noise, but didn't get in. I expected this camera to be able to sent me a mail and record video when sound is detected (at a settable level of course).
Seems this can not be done ???
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Re: EM6250HD, alert when sound detected?

Postby Joyce » 14 Dec 2015, 11:10

Dear lukvdh,

To receive Push Notifications triggered by sound, motion or PIR please check the settings in the APP.

Settings -> Alarm Notification

Here you can enable the trigger for "Push notifications" and the sensitivity

On iOS devices you need to check if the APP is allowed to show Push Notifications

- Settings (iOS settings)
- Look for the "Easy Pro View" APP in the left menu.
- Select "Notifications"
- Check if the option "Allow notifications" is enabled
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