EM6275 Camera Access via VPN not working

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EM6275 Camera Access via VPN not working

Postby jagter7 » 25 Aug 2016, 17:00

I have installed the EM6275 camera on my LAN via WiFi and it is working perfectly.

As I do not want to use the Eminent Cloud to allow remote access to the camera from outside my LAN, I have blocked the camera from connection to your servers in my firewall - no outgoing connections from the camera to the Eminent Cloud Servers.

For remote access, I want to use a dial-up PPTP VPN connection from my iPhone to my LAN to access the camera, which I think is much more secure than using your servers.

When I access the camera locally on my LAN, it works 100% and the App on my iPhone finds the camera.

However, when I use a remote dial-up VPN via PPTP to connect to my LAN, the App can't find the camera. It says the camera is offline.
I can ping the camera from my iPhone, so the camera is on line and available on my LAN and my iPhone is on my LAN too via the VPN, yet the App can't find the camera.
For the record, I am using the T-Mobile network.

The Android App has the same problem, it also can't find the camera when connected via a VPN to the LAN.

I have already logged a call with Eminent, but are still waiting for an answer.

Any advice on how to fix this?
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Re: EM6275 Camera Access via VPN not working

Postby Joyce » 26 Aug 2016, 12:28

Beste jagter7,

Het lijkt erop dat er in je VPN verbinding ook een blokkering zit op de poorten. Dit kan instellingen in je VPN software zijn of de instellingen van je firewall die ook gelden voor je VPN verbinding.
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