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Postby Joyce » 13 May 2016, 15:42

OpenELEC is an operating system build around “Kodi”: An open source entertainment media hub. Because of its open source system, Kodi supports a large amount of Add-ons, which are provided by third parties. Within Kodi you are able to add these Add-ons from the default Kodi repository or by adding additional repositories from the internet. The functionalities and the availability of the Add-ons solely depends on these third parties. If a third party decides to make changes to a certain Add-on or decides to stop supporting Add-ons, Eminent cannot guarantee the continued functionalities and the availability of the Add-ons! Eminent does not support any of these Add-ons and will direct you to Kodi, OpenELEC or the forum/website of the third party manufacturer.

For Kodi support please visit:

For Openelec support please visit:
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