Multiple problems installing and running EM8615

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Multiple problems installing and running EM8615

Postby torbomat » 07 Mar 2017, 20:25

Hi Guys,

first of all nice to be here in the forum :-) I hope my english is good enough to explain my problems. If not: german is my default language ;-)

I try to describe my story shortly: I bought for my new home a EM8615 Starter Kit (via amazon) and was happy to received it. I began to install the system immediatly by following the instructions on the Paper-QuickGuide and your Youtube Video. The app works fine so far. I can arm and disarm the system via smartphone or sms. At least the app says that...

After that i had to couple the motion sensor, the windows sensor and the remotecontrols because they are not known in the system (after coupling just one beep at the station -> not known before says the quickguide). So far so good. Then i would try the system out and now happens the following: No matter which status the alarm system is in, the alarm gets triggered randomly. Just an example: I set the systemstate into OFF via App/RemoteControl or SMS (doesn't matter) and try out the sensors. Not later than 3 or 4 times, the alarm get triggers and sends me as well a sms as a push notification. I can turn the alarm off and play the game as often i will.

Now i try to formulate all my questions about that:

1) The LED indicating the WiFi connection is green (continuously). The manual says that there is no wifi if the led is green. How does it work than that the push notifications are arriving to my smartphone? And why i am be able to configure the whole system via wifi (app)?

2) Why does the alarm system get triggered when it is disarmed? I could not live with that...

Maybe there is in the meantime an improved firmware-version?!

I hope really to get any information about that failures. Otherwise i have no other choice to send the whole Starter Kit back to the seller.

Hopefuly, Torben
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Re: Multiple problems installing and running EM8615

Postby Joyce » 09 Mar 2017, 10:22

Dear Torben,

It looks like one of your sensors is defective. It looks like 1 of the sensors give a Tamper alert. You can check a log from the APP to see which sensor is causing this issue.

To access the Log in the APP:

- Open the APP
- Log in
- longpress the alarm system from the list until an additional menu is shown.
- Select the option History
- Select the right tab Alarm log

Now you will see the alarm triggers.
Look for a notification saying Tamper alert Zone-X
X stands for the sensor/zone number
This sensor/zone needs to be replaced because it is defective.
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