Kodi 17 on the EM7680

Kodi 17

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Kodi 17 on the EM7680

Postby Joyce » 12 Apr 2017, 17:17

Kodi has recently released version 17. We are developing a new firmware that will install and provide you the new Kodi version. To ensure the stability and functionality of the firmware for your streamer , it will take some time. Check our website if the new Firmware is made available by clicking the following link:


or register via below link so you will automatically be kept up to date by mailing for the latest updates:


We will add the name “Kodi_17” into the Firmware filename so you will know directly which firmware to choose to update to the latest version.


Version 17.2 shall not be released as final but will be upgraded to Kodi 17.4. At this moment we are in the last stage to release the Eminent based Kodi 17.4 version. All of the adjustments and improvements which are made and released by LibreELEC and Kodi will also be made for our Eminent FW. All the adjustments have to be checked and tested to make sure it will be functional and fully work like you are used now for the EM7680. Once the test is completed we will release this version as Final, on our forum, Eminent website and by OTA.
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