P2P TV streaming

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P2P TV streaming

Postby skrobbert » 18 Jan 2011, 21:37

Hi, I own the em7071 and I recently discovered the P2P TV streaming possibilities on a NMT.
Of course I tried to get it to work on my nmt inmediately, but have yet to be succesful.

First of all, I tried to add the compiz.de site at the webservices and this works. It also finds the current channels in the sopcast plugin. But.. if i try to start one of the channels it's buffering and then it stops and returns to to the webservice homescreen. This is the case with every channel, but meanwhile the channels are working in sopcast on my pc.

I als read about a service calles Sayatv, but couldn't find it though. I assume it's shutdown.

Can you tell me if there are some alternatives to make it work? Is there tweak to make the compiz webservice start streaming, or should I use an entirely other program?

I hope you can help me soon, thanks!

gr, Robbert
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Re: P2P TV streaming

Postby Alex » 19 Jan 2011, 11:38

Compiz: This is an external site for NMT mediaplayers. It's not supported. produced or endorsed by Eminent Europe. For problems, they have their own forums. I'm not sure why sopcast does not work, perhaps it requires something custom to install in the firmware by ftp or tools. You can ask on their forums, we do not support it here.

SayaTV: This was a service from Syabas Indonesia (Saya means 'of mine' in indonesian, so it would be 'MyTV') but it never took off, and nobody used it much.
I think i watched some channels during the first NMT tests of 2008, but they never had much interesting channels on it.
I guess it was too hard to get wannabe-pirates to capture and re-broadcast television over p2p at that time.
(This service is more or less dead now.)
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