Problems with Eminent 7167 Media Player

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Problems with Eminent 7167 Media Player

Postby johnblue1 » 02 May 2012, 00:15

Has anybody got any ideas or help i am having with the em7167 media player as below.

I have used the websites email options, and sent 4 emails over a 5 day period,and after waiting over week with no reply.

Every button that I press on my Evotel tv remote turn on the media player from standby. The tv remote control does not effect the media player in any other way.

I have disconnected the hdmi cable so the only connection to the media player is the power button.

But the TV remote control buttons still turn on the media player.

The problem gets worse in that I when I press any button on any of my following devices remote controls.

Funai dvd player
Aldi usb mp3 radio player
JVC cd radio player
Onn Dab stereo system
Evotel TV Remote

It turns on the Eminent EM7167 media player from standby by too on. The five devices only work on the media player by turning from standby to powered on.

I have tried other remote controls from around the house and 6 out of the 9 remote controls do exactly as my own remote controls.

Any help.
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Re: Problems with Eminent 7167 Media Player

Postby Alex » 07 May 2012, 15:50

The IR module used in the EM7167 appears to trigger on the remotes of your other device(s). We cannot update or change the IR frequency/interval set used for the EM7167, i'm sorry to say this problem can not be solved.

I've launched an internal investigation on the emails you sent from our web forms. Does the 5-day period include any holidays or weekends?
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