Time Zone Neglected

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Time Zone Neglected

Postby Zweikeks » 29 Dec 2011, 14:22


on my EM7195 with Firmware the time zone settings are neglected.
When changing the time zone in the menu Setup->System->Time it seems that this
does not have any effect at all.

During system startup the current time (UTC) is retrieved via NTP (/etc/init.d/S90_clock).
The system time is set to UTC accordingly. This is working ok.

Wrong is, that also the local time (displayed in the menu for example) is also set to UTC,
regardless of the time zone settings. Local time is always UTC.

(The other way round, if the local time is set in the menu correctly, the UTC displayed
with 'date' on the command line via Telnet will follow. This is also not correct. It works
to schedule recordings correctly. But only until the next system startup.)

What I figured out is, that the environment variable TZ seems to help. In the original
firmware setup it is always set to 0 (regardless of the menu settings).
I can - at the moment temporarily - set TZ to +1 for my time zone. Then the ratio between
system time (displayed with 'date') and local time (in the menu) is correct. Recordings
start at the correct time.

Did I miss something? How do I fix this? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Time Zone Neglected

Postby Geomatic » 11 Jan 2012, 19:49

Same on my two EM7195. It's horrible. All EPG recordings fail due to this bug.
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Re: Time Zone Neglected

Postby Zweikeks » 19 Jan 2012, 02:18


to get rid of the problem you may just skip getting the time via NTP. I altered /opt/init/setclock.sh. For a hint how to alter the firmware see http://opensource.eminent-online.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1577.
I disabled also the call to hwclock. The command hwclock seems to be buggy and not necessary. As of my tests the EM7195 has a buffered real time clock. Without the call, the RTC is still set and maintains the time even with the power cord unplugged.

Code: Select all
# Created by Alex Meijer, Eminent-Europe B.V.
sleep 5
# We need to sleep at least 15 seconds to give NZBget time..
#/opt/sbin/ntpclient -h pool.ntp.org -s & >/dev/null
#/sbin/hwclock -w & >/dev/null

Additionally I used ntpclient to figure out the adjtimex value for my crystal. See http://doolittle.icarus.com/ntpclient/HOWTO. Don't use awk from the BusyBox, it'll crash. Use /usr/local/bin/package/awk or another Linux machine instead.
adjtimex has to be set on every startup. I added the following to setclock.sh. Note that the -4723660 is for my crystal, not for yours.

Code: Select all
#Don't get/set time. Just set adjtimex value.
/opt/sbin/ntpclient -h my_dummy_hostname -f -4723660 & >/dev/null

I plan to have my media player running most of the time. With the above, time is very accurate. I just have to take care (set the time) when daylight saving time is changing.
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Re: Time Zone Neglected

Postby nico » 17 May 2012, 17:49

Since I connected the media player with the Internet, all my recordings
started an hour too late because of this annoying time zone bug.
Thats why I decided to built my own custom Firmware for the EM7195.
I followed the instructions above from Zweikeks.
It's available for download here:
  • http://min.us/mbagAcucxC/2
Yes, your crystal clock will be different than mine, so check the time once in a while.
When daylight saving time is changed, you will have to adjust the clock again.

While I was busy, I decided to add some other features posted on the eminent forum:
  • harddisk spindown after 20 minutes. Also thanks to Zweikeks.
    By default Mediatomb will access the harddisk every 10 minutes.
    To turn off the backup edit .mediatomb\config\config.xml:
    <sqlite3 enabled="yes">
    <backup enabled="no"/>
  • Access your own metafeeds.
    If you have an metafeeds account, download the rss feed from account:
    http://www.metafeeds.com/channel/fav_<user name>/rss
    (note the /rss at the end) and save it in \\EM7195\hdd as metafeeds.rss
  • NTV (dutch tv) with Uitzending/rtl gemist and dumpert
    Thank to Mikka & eLPino. I made some adjustments to replace discontinued services.
  • Fixed flickr
  • Organized 400+ vodcast feeds.
  • Renamed version from into 1.0.4.a

Installation instructions:
  • Unpack the EM7195_1.0.4.a.zip file.
  • Put install.img on a USB.
  • Turn off the EM7195.
  • Put the USB stick in (on the left-side).
  • On the back, just beside the other usb connector, you will find a little reset hole.
    Use a pin to push the button and turn on the EM7195.
  • Release the button, and the installation procedure should start now.
  • After installing new firmware you have to go through the installation setup again.
    This includes scanning for channels. The harddisk content will not be touched.
  • Don't forget to turn SAMBA on again when ready.
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Re: Time Zone Neglected

Postby hst » 22 Nov 2012, 23:41


I installed your custom firmware 1.0.4.a and it works fine for a couple of months now.
But since 3-4 weeks "Uitzending gemist" in NTV doesn't work anymore.
Error message: "Unable to service request"
Earlier it worked fine.
Do you have same experience or have any idea what the cause can be?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Time Zone Neglected

Postby nico » 26 Dec 2013, 12:15


Yes, I know, it's more than a year ago. But the good news is, I made a new firmware for the EM7195 with a working uitzendinggemist (uzg).
The download link for EM7195_1.0.4.a.zip (78.011.964 bytes) is: https://app.box.com/s/9xhy4bj539qt55arnvak
Installation instructions are still the same.
Rtl gemist, dumpert and nu.nl are also working.
Note that there is a hidden feature in NTV's uzg; if you have selected an episode and pressed play, a selection screen for 1000kbps, 500kbps and 220kbps is shown. Put the focus on one of these streams and press either 1 or the red option button; this will start a download. I assumed that everyone with an EM7195 has a harddisk in it, so I configured this to saves the episode on harddisk (/tmp/hdd/volumes/HDD1)

What happened? The uitzendinggemist website changed their interface. NTV http://playon.unixstorm.org/ntv.php released an uzg fix in December 2012. Mikka converted the script made by Bas Rieter http://www.rieter.net/content/, which was made for [http://xbmc.org/about/]. Somewhere in 2013 the rss feeds from the unixstorm site where turned down, so the other NTV services like dumpert also didn't work anymore. Thankfully they are still running on eLPino.nl, and now I had time to make new firmware.
I removed the Film1 trailers, because currently the Film1 service http://uzg.eLPino.nl/RSS/rss_film1_alle.rss doesn't return valid video url's. No worries, in the vodcast section there is still the rss feed for Film1 trailers.
FYI, two php scripts are added: setpaths.php and uzg-play.php.
http://EM7195/cgi-bin/setpaths.php If this url doesn't work, substitute EM7195 in the url with ip-address of the EM7195.
setpaths changes the webpath in /usr/local/etc/uzg.conf. My experience is that you don't need to run this, because the default of ( = localhost) is fine.
http://EM7195/cgi-bin/uzg-play.php is the actual script to download/view an episode from uitzending gemist. It requires an id parameter which is is supplied by the other scripts on the eLPino.nl website.
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Re: Time Zone Neglected

Postby Zweikeks » 08 Jun 2015, 23:46

Hi Nico,

again several years later :-)

Great work. I imagine this helped a lot of people. Not everyone is able to alter the firmware.

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Re: Time Zone Neglected

Postby Francesco70 » 31 Dec 2016, 18:01

Hi Zweikeks,

I would like to see the firmware source code (and modify it a little bit, maybe). Where can I find it?

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