about 8100

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about 8100

Postby galaxien » 09 Jan 2013, 12:06


The main reason I've bought the webbox 8100 is for reading the media from my NAS server.

Of course, I've no problem connecting in ethernet or wifi to the NAS.

I'm fully happy about this gear !

I've still a couple of questions :

1. How can I watch the media stocked on my NAS, for instance Picture in the picture directory ?
2. Can I map the network folders in order to have an easier access to the 8100 ?
3. If I connect an external HDD can the 8100 split the document into the differents folders (movie, pictures, music) ?
4. Why eminent doesn't sale an external azerty (french) keyboard ?
5. what is the power consumption (when the 8100 is OFF and ON) ?
6. Could you tell me when french of belgian web tv would be available ?
7. why no media from external NAS is showned on the folders ?


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