Upgrade transmission compile error

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Upgrade transmission compile error

Postby MartinHerrman » 21 May 2010, 12:42


if anyone could help me with this issue, that would be great :-)

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Re: Upgrade transmission compile error

Postby Alex » 21 May 2010, 14:21

You're more than welcome to use my ready-to-run cross compilation scripts:

http://opensource.eminent-online.com/wi ... get_EM7075

You would need to adapt them a little bit for your build of Transmission off course.

As for that error, you're linking with the wrong linker it seems.
Could also be, that you compiled with the wrong compiler, and your linker is correct. Best to define it all before making :)

I always use a 'build.sh' file to ensure the cross compiler is used. Saves time when you have another (new) host platform as well.
for example, this script should help you on your way:

Code: Select all
make clean
#wget http://mirrors.m0k.org/transmission/files/transmission-1.72.tar.bz2
#wget http://mirrors.m0k.org/transmission/files/transmission-1.73.tar.bz2
wget http://mirrors.m0k.org/transmission/files/transmission-1.74.tar.bz2
bunzip2 transmission-1.74.tar.bz2
tar -xvf transmission-1.74.tar
cd transmission-1.74
export OPENSSL_CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/mips/include/"
export LIBCURL_CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/mips/include/"
export LIBCURL_LIBS="-L/usr/local/mips/lib/ -lcurl"
export OPENSSL_LIBS="-L/usr/local/mips/usr/local/ssl/lib"
export CFLAGS="-EL "
export CC="/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/mips-linux-gnu-gcc"
export CXX="/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/mips-linux-gnu-g++"
export PATH=/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin:$PATH
export RANLIB="/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite//bin/mips-linux-gnu-ranlib"
export AR="/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/mips-linux-gnu-ar"
export AS="/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/mips-linux-gnu-as"
export LD="/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/mips-linux-gnu-ld"
#export LDFLAGS=" -s -Xlinker -rpath /lib -Xlinker -rpath-link /opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/lib/gcc/mips-linux-gnu/4.3.2/el"
export STRIP=/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite/mips-linux-gnu/bin/strip
./configure mips-linux-gnu --host=i386-linux-gnu --target=mips --prefix=/usr/local/mips --disable-gtk --with-zlib=/usr/local/mips
make install-strip

/usr/local/mips is the folder where all the cross compiled other stuff went before. (--prefix for zlib, ssl, xml etc.)
/opt/Sourcery_G++_Lite is the folder where i installed the sourcery toolchain.
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