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Postby jes120 » 28 Nov 2014, 19:27


Just got a EW7031 for my SATA hd from my laptop. When connecting the computer gives a massage that the EW does not work with USB3 even when connected to usb2...pls help
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Re: EW7031

Postby Joyce » 01 Dec 2014, 11:53

Dear Jes120,

Have you tried to connect the EW7031 to another laptop or PC?
Have you tried other USB devices on USB 2.0 and 3.0 port?
Do they work correctly and if not do they give the same error message?
If non of them are working it could be a chipset driver / usb 3.0 driver issue on your system. To fix this driver issue you can try automatic update from within windows update or update the driver manually from the motherboard manufacturer's website.
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