EW3751 doesn't connect anymore.

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EW3751 doesn't connect anymore.

Postby Ma3rabi » 18 Jun 2015, 19:55

I bought this one a couple weeks ago, loved it. My sound board was destroyed a while ago and i coudn't play games with my headset anymore.

Well today i was ingame playing (CS:GO if it make a difrence) and suddenly it turned off and my stock speaker started blasting. I was shocked but i finished my game and decided to look at it later. It doesn't connect to my PC anymore, it does nothing. I rebooted the pc with it attached to it, i went back to an older version of my windows (windows 7 btw) but nothing. It doesn't connect.

Can someone pleas help me becouse i really need it, i do have warranty but i do not want to wait a couple days/weeks before i get a new one.

Ty in advance.
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Re: EW3751 doesn't connect anymore.

Postby Joyce » 07 Jul 2015, 09:50

Dear Ma3rabi,

Is the EW3751 still recognized in the device manager of Windows 7?
If it is not lisetd anymore I suggest you contact our helpdesk to check the settings or to identify if the device is not broken.
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