EW3751 no sound

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EW3751 no sound

Postby repaco66 » 28 Nov 2014, 22:47

Dear Sirs,
please apologize me in advance for my bad english.
I bought and external audio device EW3751. Even if it is correctly recnognised, no sound is available.
My configuration

PC Compaq SR2029IT
Graphic device on board ATI Radeon HD5670
Windows 7 SP1 Genuine (i cannot use XP no more, no support)
Office Pro Genuine
no other...
My monitor unfortunally hasn't HDMI input socket, only VGA, DVI and Jack for audio

So i tried to solve with EW3751 device.

Testing in Windows Control Panel, i see that audio indicator move just a litte bit, but no sound is produced.
I tested with internal monitor speaker, external speaker with jack plug-in and a couple of old headphone with jack.
No results

By the other hand if i try to use my USB headphone, those ones work.

What am I missing.

Thanks in advance for your kyndly replies.

Best Regards from Italy.

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Re: EW3751 no sound

Postby Joyce » 01 Dec 2014, 12:13

Dear Repaco66,

First check if the device is installed correctly. You can check this by opening the device manager of the computer and then search for a usb audio device. There should be no yellow mark or red cross.
Then if the usb audio device is recognized check in your control panel / sound if its set as default audio device.
Connect your speakers or headphone to the green audio port of the EW3751 and play an audio file to see if it works.

Have you also the possibility to try out the EW3751 on another PC?
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Re: EW3751 no sound

Postby repaco66 » 01 Dec 2014, 23:29

tks for your reply.
Yes i've tested the device on another PC, Notebook ASUS Windows 8.1 (Always Genuine).
I've discovered the problmen Yesterday evening.
I have to push in a very deep manner the audio jack and headphone jack.
I was so suprise about how much force was needed. I seems to me at the first time you have to force the two plastic OR holes.
Now all is fine, sound and either plug and remove jack.

I'm happy about this device, it solved me an hardware problem on PC. Installing Radeon all on board video and audio chipsed was diabled (it is a motherboard specs).

This is my first Xmax present :).

Merry Xmas. ;)

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