EW3705 video grabber

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EW3705 video grabber

Postby Johnny » 12 Oct 2015, 11:51

Using the video grabber it is noticed that the grabber stops recording when the VHS video sync-signals are not stable. It gives me the message that the VHS tape is copy protected. This is nonsense of-course. You may have tips and tricks to overcome this problem but if not please develop software when once started the recording on non copy protected tapes keep on recording up to the end of the tape. Thanks in advance. Awaiting your reply, kindest Johnny.
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Re: EW3705 video grabber

Postby Joyce » 13 Oct 2015, 09:25

Dear Johnny,

The recording software of the EW3705 includes Macrovision copy protection.

It looks like the recording you are trying to digitalize has a bad signal in the VBI (vertical blanking interval) which triggers the Macrovision copy protection. Ewent does not have a work around for this mandatory Macrovision copy protection.
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