Final Firmware EM7380 v3.0.5.1

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Final Firmware EM7380 v3.0.5.1

Postby Joyce » 28 May 2013, 15:38

A new final Firmware for the EM7380 is released.

Version (28-05-2013)

New functions:
1. When a picture with the name poster.jpg is created in the directory of the movie the player will show the picture first before playing the movie (if you have used thumbgen to create this file you will see the movie information before playing the video). (If you do not wish to use this feature please remove the poster.jpg from the directory).
2. Added service page. To restore corrupted config file of the NZBget or transmission module to default. To access the service page open your web browser and enter the following address in the address bar: http://ip-of-the-player/service.html replace “ip-of-the-player” for the players IP address. Press “click to restore”

1. In the Dutch menu the options for playing BD movies with or without menu are adjusted to correspond properly with the text.
2. Resolved the issue of files being deleted after reboot of the device.
3. Resolved the issue of files being deleted if files larger then 25GB are copied to the HDD.

Technical adjustments:
4. Bug fixes
5. Language improvements
6. New NTFS driver
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